Fantastic Programming Project Ideas and Where To Find Them

A beginner-friendly version

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The task of getting good project ideas is difficult. Its probably the biggest hurdle that prevents us from building stuff. Right?

But aren't you tired of project suggestions like ToDo list app, ecom website and the Titanic dataset?

I have discovered 4 sources for getting good, unique, even cool project ideas —

I have written a detailed article on how they can help you easily discover new, cool ideas. It’s called “Fantastic Programming Project Ideas and Where To Find Them (a beginner-friendly version)”.

The article includes 5 ideas from each of the above source to demonstrate how easy it is to pick them up.

Here’s one from each:


A simple notifications app that lets you select messaging apps that you want to block notifications from when the frequency of notifications exceeds 1 every 3 seconds.
And tricked yourself to learn - Android development


Analyse Spotify's Worldwide Daily Song dataset,

This dataset contains the daily ranking of the 200 most listened songs in 53 countries from 2017 and 2018 by Spotify users. It contains more than 2 million rows, which comprises 6629 artists, 18598 songs for a total count of one hundred five billion streams.

Spotify's Worldwide Daily Song dataset

And find answers to:

  • How long do songs "resist" on the top 3, 5, 10, 20 ranking in your country? Which songs are the outliers?

  • Which countries have similar tastes in music?

  • How long time does a top ranking song takes to get into the ranking of neighbor countries?

Data Is Plural

Analyse How couples meet and stay together. It is a survey of 4,002 adults, 3,009 of those had a spouse or main romantic partner. It even has follow-up surveys that were implemented one and two years after the main survey, to study couple dissolution rates.

An analysis can reveal answers to the following questions:

  • Do traditional couples and nontraditional couples meet in the same way? What kinds of couples are more likely to have met online?

  • Have the most recent marriage cohorts (especially the traditional heterosexual same-race married couples) met in the same way their parents and grandparents did?

  • Does meeting online lead to greater or less couple stability?

  • How do the couple dissolution rates of nontraditional couples compare to the couple dissolution rates of more traditional same-race heterosexual couples?

  • How does the availability of civil union, domestic partnership or same-sex marriage rights affect couple stability for same-sex couples?

Do check out the article for more such ideas. It has 4 goldmines of project ideas and 20 cool project ideas for app development, web development, Data Science and Machine Learning.

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